• Yoga Tee

    Yoga Tee

    The Yoga Tee is purr-fect in any yoga class.

    This raw tee is 95% organic cotton / 5% stretch fabric which allows your skin to breathe and perspire naturally.

    Shown in the purple colour.

    You have to try it to feel the difference and you will never look back.

    Aummmm yoga...
  •  Yoga Tank Top

    Yoga Tank Top

    This 95 % organic cotton / 5 % spandex stretch fabric feels the best against your skin while working out. Best fabric to sweat in... all natural all absorbent. You want organic !

    Detail seam under the bust line and double layer fabric in bust area for added support.

    Aum LOVE !

  • Yoga Flares

    Yoga Flares

    These yoga flares are super slimming and with the 5 % stretch / 95 % organic cotton fabric will make you feel secure ... a roll over waist band detail adds extra hold. Slight flare at the knee this pant is super cool and great for streetwear ... aummmm LOVE !
  • Yoga Capri

    Yoga Capri

    The Yoga Capri is made from 95 % organic cotton / 5 % spandex stretch for an ideal fabric fit for any work out. Easy to care for ... wash and wear... Roll over waist band for snug fit. Shown in the colour purple.
  • Sweater Wrap

    Sweater Wrap

    The Aum Sweater wrap is a great basic and a must for every goddess. Easy to wear before, during or after yoga class. Dress it up or wear casual... Leave it loose in the front or tie around your back. Fabulous in all the Aum colours ! Shown with the yoga flares.
  • Yoga Skirt

    Yoga Skirt

    The Aum yoga short skirt can be worn in yoga class or streetwear fashion, dressed up with high boots and pretty tights... your choice or both... Roll over waist band can be worn low on the hips... Fabric here is 95 % organic cotton, 5 % spandex stretch, black colour.
  • Yoga Ankle Tights

    Yoga Ankle Tights

    This Aum yoga tight gives one a slim long lean look. The fabric is the 95 % organic cotton and 5 % spandex stretch. Wear in your yoga class or any streetwear fashion look. Functional, practical and looking fabulous! Support organic... aummmmmmmm yes !
  • Yoga Bike Shorts with Skirt

    Yoga Bike Shorts with Skirt

    The yoga bike shorts are great in class or on the street... on those days when you want a bit more coverage and still be stylish... This is the white colour, 95 % organic cotton, 5 % spandex.
  • Yoga Ankle Tights with Goddess Skirt

    Yoga Ankle Tights with Goddess Skirt

    Here we have sewn the goddess skirt with the side points over the Yoga ankle tights...easy to pull on of off and great on those days where you are feeling a bit modest. Shown in the black fabric 5 % spandex / 95 % 0rganic cotton. Wear out on the street or in a yoga class...