• Priest Bath Robe

    Priest Bath Robe

    The Priest Bath Robe is made from the fabulous French Terry Cloth, 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton blend.

    Luxurious and absorbent.

    You will LOVE how this feels after your shower or bath...

    super cozy... Aum LOVE.
  • Men's Spa Lounge Pants

    Men's Spa Lounge Pants

    The Men's Lounge Pants are a favourite. Super cozy and comfortable for lounging around the house, yoga or a walk in the woods. Shown here is the 100 % brown fleece.

    Two Side pockets and a tie through the waist are the added styling details.

    Also available in the 53% hemp /44% organic cotton / 3% stretch, see under Men's section.
  • Priestess Bath Robe

    Priestess Bath Robe

    The Priestess Bath Robe is made from the fabulous French Terry Cloth, 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton blend. All natural and water absorbent... you will feel the difference. Nice to wrap yourself in organic towels after your shower or bath. Prewashed in spring water.
  • Spa Goddess Hoody

    Spa Goddess Hoody

    This hoody is made from the fabulous French Terry, 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton.

    All natural and luxurious to wear.

    Feel absolutely fabulous !

  • Men's Spa Shirt

    Men's Spa Shirt

    The Men's Short Sleeve Button Shirt. The buttons are of a natural wood and the fabric shown here is the 100% organic brown fleece. Stylish and comfortable.

  • Goddess Slip Top

    Goddess Slip Top

    Hollie wears the slip top... comfortable and practical... A must in every goddess wardrobe.

    You want to wear organic next to you all day long and all night !

    Pretty in creme colour, 53 % hemp / 44 % organic cotton / 3 % spandex

    Aummmmmm very pretty...
  • Goddess Robe

    Goddess Robe

    This robe is cute and sexy.

    Made from the fabulous French Terry cloth, 55 % hemp / 45 % organic cotton

    All absorbent and natural.

    You never felt so good !
  • Goddess Shorts

    Goddess Shorts

    The Goddess Shorts are great underneath any of the Aum skirt or dress styles. sexy kitten... meow! Available in the 95 % organic cotton / 5 % spandex and the 53% hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3% spandex. See thumbnail for burgundy colour.
  • Towel Set

    Towel Set

    These Luxurious double sided terry towels are made from 30% hemp / 70% organic cotton blend. Very thick and absorbent... you can feel the difference. Face towel is 12" x 12" , Hand towel is 16' x 28" , Body towel is 30" x 50".
  • Bath Towel

    Bath Towel

    This luxurious bath towel is made from 30 % hemp / 70 % organic cotton double sided terry cloth. Aummygoddess feel the difference.... you will never use conventional cotton towels ever again ! This towel is 30" x 50".