• Priest Bath Robe

    Priest Bath Robe

    The Priest Bath Robe is made from the fabulous French Terry Cloth, 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton blend.

    Luxurious and absorbent.

    You will LOVE how this feels after your shower or bath...

    super cozy... Aum LOVE.
  • Men's Short Sleeve Button Shirt

    Men's Short Sleeve Button Shirt

    The Men's Short Sleeve Button Shirt. This shirt is stylish and comfortable.

    The buttons are wood.

    This shirt is available in the 53% hemp/ 44% organic cotton/ 3% stretch jersey blend.

    See under Spa section to order the brown fleece fabric which is pictured here.

  • Men's Hoody

    Men's Hoody

    The Men's Hoody is a great stable. Stylish and comfortable.

    A generous hood and thumbholes are the Aum details.

    The fabric is a 53% hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3% stretch.

    Shown here in the creme colour.

  • Aum Gym Pants

    Aum Gym Pants

    Genesis Sunfire models the Aum gym pants in black colour, 53 % hemp / 44 % organic cotton / 3 % spandex... ahhhh so comfortable and durable... hemp is the most natural durable fibre available.
  • Men's Yoga Ankle Tights

    Men's Yoga Ankle Tights

    These tights that Genesis Sunfire wears are really the best for any exercise or yoga class...

    stream line & comfortable... this fabric breathes with you... try will never look back to any synthetics touching your body... be the first...
  • Men's Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

    Men's Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

    Every man's dream, an organic short sleeve tee shirt, a piece you will never want to take off! Cool and comfy, breathable and stylish.

    Pictured here is the green colour, 53 % hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3 % spandex.

    Feel your BEST !