Titania Dress

Titania Dress, inspired by the Queen of Fairies, our Titania Dress is light, airie and super-feminine with fluid lines. Perfect for hot midsummer days and dreamy nights.

FEATURES: A cotton ribbon runs through an interior seam along the bust-line, tying at the front for a perfect fit. Its wide cross-over skirt provides a graceful flow to your every movement or open it for added drama, a feature that dancers especially enjoy, especially moonlight dancing !  Our Goddess shorts are the ideal undergarment for such occasions and our Fingerless Gloves add just the right touch to cast a fairy spell of Aum Love.

FABRIC: The Titania is beautifully created from 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex.

SHOWN HERE: Titania Dress in creme color – please note that all of our creme apparel is finished with gold serge edging (not shown in these photos.) Goddess Shorts and Fingerless Gloves, sold separately.






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