Aum Goddess is a high integrity line of eco clothing, Made in Canada,  in a small town in Northern Ontario known as the Valley of The Healers.
Stylish designs for women, men, children and infants. The Whole Family can benefit from choosing organic fabrics to wear. Aum offers yoga wear,  loungewear, streetwear, spawear, festivalwear, ceremonywear and weddingwear. Recently organic wool fashions has been added into the mix. 
The fibers used are hemp, organic cotton, terrycloth, fleece, wool and beechwood.
The colours used are low impact dyes, safer for the environment and so much healthier to wear against your skin.
Aum is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is one of the oldest known written languages on Earth. It originated in India. Aum is the basis of all sounds, it is the universal symbol for God, the sound of Creation.
Goddess is a word which connects us to our Divine nature, male or female.  
All the garments are pre-washed in the Valley's spring water. 
Aum creates jobs for the women in Northern Ontario.
Once you wear organic you will never look back.
The feeling against your skin is fantastic!
It is the next step... 
            wear organic
            skin breathes
         low impact colours
            feel your best
        create good vibrations
        soften your footprint
          save the planet
            raw hemp
          protect yourself 
           AUM LOVE