Aum Warrior Goddess Tights


The Aum Warrior Goddess Tights is

one of the original Aum Goddess classics. With the skirt attached to

the pants makes for an easy all ready layered piece. A fave rave amongst

our Aum loyal fans.  So comfortable and looks so chic in this style

that you never want to take them off.  Dress this style up for day wear

or great for lounging around the home.

Features:  Aum Yoga Flares is the basic pant and the the Aum Goddess Skirt is the basic skirt and we sew them together... Aum Magic!

Fabric:  53 % hemp / 44 % organic cotton / 3 % spandex

Shown here:  in the black colour and looks fabulous in all the other Aum colours.




Availability: In stock

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